Many luxury watch companies have started to re-think how they produce women’s watches. In the past couple of years, style and fashion trends have altered, and women have chosen for larger watches, causing the popularity and sales of smaller sized women’s watches to drop.

Many luxury watch brands have either started to advertise their men’s watches to girls, or are adding female touches like additional design detail and precious stones to already popular men’s watches. Take Rolex for example, they have only released a new Rolex Datejust with pastel-shaded dial in a 36mm man size, with or without diamonds. Kate Hudson has been spotted wearing it. Patek Philippe is another business that has remodeled a popular man’s watch, in this case the Nautilus, to have a somewhat softer contour, hoping to appeal to girls.To know more about stein diamonds reviews at wordpress blog go to online websites or simply go to the website like

Some watch brands may have believed that they would lose market share by not creating lines and ranges merely for girls, but it appears as though they are the popular brands, these days. Take Panerai for example. This Italian watch business has been around since 1860 and has never veered far from the four or five basic models of watches it produces. Panerai watches are simple in design, most known for the outsize faces, no fancy stuff like diamonds found everywhere. Panerai has always simply made men’s watches, but watch (find the play on words); girls are going to begin snatching these upward, particularly because Panerai watches are now more available in the U.S. than ever before and have lately come out with less expensive versions.

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IWC is another watch brand that since its foundation in 1868, has always merely created men’s watches. Although masculine in design, many IWC ranges, especially the Big Pilots and the Ingenieur lines, have kept a faithful following, including women who like strong looking men’s watches.

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