Technology has automated almost every aspect of our lives. The same can be said of automobiles. In the old days, engaging the manual gear box was a source of joy for car owners and the trend is more or less still present today.

With the technological advancements, car manufacturers are slowly closing the production of manual vehicles. There are some brands which you must order from the factory, if you want a manual car. With all these mixed feelings, one wonders which between the two types of vehicles is better. This can only be determined, if an in-depth analysis is done.

With manual cars, you only require a little input in terms of service. This means that the Auto parts warehouse coupon will be put into useful use on other parts of the car. You get to control the balance of the car through engaging the gear box. You feel totally in control of how the car should move. But the manual vehicles also have their own advantages. They are being phased out with automatic vehicles. They are not friendly to first time vehicle drivers.

With automatic vehicles, you do not have to engage the gear box from time to time. There are only two peddles which make the driving process less complicated and one can learn how to drive easily.

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